Cricket is made for the younger generation with no contracts and no credit checks, you never have to worry about a deposit or worrying about running into credit hassles. We know you like hip phones so we have the latest smart phones from the Blackberry Curve 8530 to the Android Ascend.

Get on our most popular $45 plan featuring the following youth centered services:

Unlimited Talk and Text - Never worry about going over your minutes again.

Unlimited 3G High Speed Mobile Web - Browse the internet on the go.

Picture and Video Messaging - Because sometimes life is more interesting with pictures.

Navigation / GPS - For those road trips.

411- Because we all need help some times.

Mobile Backup - To protect your information on your phone.


If you are a current student looking for a great affordable wireless solution for your communication needs, give us a call us (800)319-4757 today to speak with a Wireless Consultant today.